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Danish Pastry Custard Crown 100g

•Authentic crispy Danish pastry filled with Almond paste topped with our in house made rich vanilla custard cream and finished with Almond nuts decoration


•Double filling (almond paste + custard)

•24 layers of unique Danish margarine dough


•Almond nuts

•Each carton contains 2 piping bags with sugar icing for decoration after baking (apply on cold pastries)

Segment usage | Instore Bakery, coffee & pastry shops, Breakfast, afternoon sweet indulgence

Baking instructions | Option 1 - Bake from frozen: Bake 17 - 20 min. / 190°C       

Tips:   DO NOT DEFROST the product … from freezer to oven!!!!!!

Always bake in pre-heated oven, create steam in oven first 25 sec.of baking.  If you use DECK oven, increase baking temp. with 20-30°C


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