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Chocolate Custard Twist 90g

•All butter twist filled with chocolate drops and our pastry cream

•Belgian chocolate & creamy custard perfectly blended in twist of butter pastry

•Filling evenly spread throughout the pastries

50 (2x25) pieces per box 

Segment usage | Bakeries, Foodservice, Coffee & pastry shop, Breakfast, sweet afternoon indulgence

Baking instructions | Option 1 - Bake from frozen: Bake 20-25 min. / 165°C       Option 2 - Thaw & bake: Defrost time 30 min.Bake time: 20-22 min. / 180°C    

Tips:   Pre-heat oven & create steam during first 25 sec. of baking. If you use DECK oven, increase baking temp. with 20-30°C


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