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Emma Jane’s EURO Selection

Vanilla Sponge

Here is a product that will save you hours of baking… Our Emma Jane’s mini sponge roll, filled with vanilla mock cream is a favourite among many.

Here at Emma Jane’s we know all about how hard it is to make those fiddly and time consuming products. That’s why we have mastered the mini sponge roll for you, say goodbye to hours in the kitchen!The vanilla sponge roll tastes just like homemade but will cost you half the time and effort. A real favourite among functions for the elderly due to its soft texture and classic taste.

The options are endless for serving the vanilla sponge rolls. Try them drizzled with a chocolate or berry sauce. Sprinkle them with icing sugar or chocolate hail. Cut them on the diagonal and place them on the platter flat side down for a really effective look.

If you want to really pull out all the stops how about threading them onto a large skewer along with a selection of our puffs and the blackforest mini sponge roll for a really amazing sweet kebab!

Comes pre-cut and frozen –simply thaw and serve, thaw time 15 minutes.


Sponge rolls per packet42
Packets per carton2
Unit weight20gm



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