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Emma Jane’s EURO Selection

Strawberry Core & White Chocolate Puffs

Cute enough to melt your heart and sweet enough to keep them coming back for more. The ultimate solution to your next dessert platter to give it a fun and fabulous appeal.  

The choux pastry case is filled with sweet yogurt cream and infused with a generous dollop of strawberry sauce, then dipped in a thick white Belgium chocolate and giving a finishing flare with the pink stripes.  This puff balances the flavours of sweet yogurt, creamy chocolate and tart strawberry sauce to perfection.

If you want to add flair to your next dessert pallet team our Strawberry White Chocolate puffs with our Salted Caramel Puffs. Scatter strawberry chucks and mint leaves through the Puffs and the dust with icing sugar.  

Simply thaw and serve. Thaw time 20 minutes.

Puffs per packet111
Packets per carton1
Unit weight18gm

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